Saturday, 16 February 2013

I love my kids I really do........

There are times though when as much as I love them, I do wish they arrived fitted with two Anadin, a warning sign and a pair of earplugs as standard. Times like this..........

Twenty minutes ago we heard a huge crash coming from the hallway closely followed by the sound of a small pair of feet clattering up the stairs. Steve dashed out of the living room to find the hall mirror hanging off the wall, half of it wedged behind the radiator. Lucy's little ride on car was lying on it's side near the front door with its seat tucked in next to the shoe rack. The rest of the hall was strewn with clothing, coat hangers and the two metal drying racks which usually hang from the picture rail above the mirror.

At the sound of the crash I had run out of our bedroom to find out  what on earth had happened. I discovered James halfway up the staircase, it seems that fearing he was going to get a huge telling off he had legged it at such a speed that if he can achieve it again on sports day he will win every race he enters!

It turns out he was racing up and down the hall on Lucy's toy car.  He crashed into the radiator at such a speed that he knocked the mirror clean off the wall which in turn brought down the drying racks and the clothing hung on them supposedly out of the way of little hands.

Luckily the mirror took the brunt of the impact. James got away with a bump and scratch on his hand and a big shock it must be said. I dealt with applying the cold compress and wiping away the tears while Steve had a not so fun time trying to extract the mirror frame from the hooks which hold the radiator onto the wall. It could have been worse, at least James didn't smash the mirror!

Half term is nearly over and they will all be back in school on Monday...........................I love my kids I really do ;-)

Friday, 1 February 2013

When I grow up!

This morning Kerrie asked me what I would like to be when I grow up. She had asked me the same question last night as I tucked her into bed. She then sat there talking to her toys and asking them what they want to be when they grow up.

 Silly me with five children, not to mention a husband and a mortgage I was under the impression for the most part that I had already grown up.
 OK, admittedly as anyone who has witnessed me in the company of my sister will testify I do reserve full rights to act like an overgrown child at times, usually for the entertainment of my own children but not always just for them!

Our poor long suffering Mother dreads the days she is in our company on a bus or in department store changing rooms. There is something about both places which propels us to revert back to being young children with, to her great embarrassment uncontrollable giggling and merriment. As she is trying desperately to keep a straight face while simultaneously  disowning us to anyone who had the unfortunate luck to be sat within earshot, she is also muttering under her breath that she will not take us anywhere ever again! (yes I know that means she is doing three things at once but she is a mummy of four, she knows how to multi-task!)

Anyone who has seen my excitement in the run up to Christmas will also know that I am worse than the children, I blame my parents, they were to be found sat on our sofa at 7.30am on Christmas Day dressed as Father Christmas complete with fluffy white beard and his Little Helper with the sort of plaits which would make Pipi Longstocking jealous, handing out presents from a big red sack. I mean honestly with role models like these is it any wonder I have yet to reach adulthood in the eyes of my children?

   I have always insisted that just like my favourite Jenny Joseph poem, when I am old I will wear purple but I have already decided to take the advice given in the poem which is to start now so I don't surprise people too much when I am old. If you do see me doing something sad and boring you can be guaranteed I will soon be up to some mischief to balance things out.

 Kerrie obviously has a somewhat different opinion on this. In her eyes I have yet to grow up just as she has her full life ahead of her.  So I asked her what she would like to be when she grows up, with a completely straight face and no sign of mischief or intended humour she replied 'A kangaroo!'

Erm ok then, not sure quite where to start with this one and not wishing to burst her innocent bubble I simply asked her what she thought I should be when I grow up. Again with all seriousness and no pause or hesitation she said 'A Power Ranger, a big Power Ranger'

So if anyone needs me I will be in the corner trying on my purple Power Ranger jumpsuit (well it has to be purple!) and practising my jump kicks!