Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ode to Lucy

All babies are different in their own way. I believe that you can have indications of their personality even when they are still in the womb. Some traits are fairly obvious, a baby who is more active at night will probably be a night owl, an active kicker is likely to be a little wriggler and so on. Our baby who refused to turn for the sonographer became Kerrie our three year old and easily our most stubborn character. Chloe our eldest would wake up and kick so hard the mattress would shake disturbing Steve, funnily enough she is like me a night owl.  Tiny clues start to make sense as a baby's personality begins to shine through.

Lucy was nine days late. Due on Christmas Day, she made us wait for her.  After two false starts she made her speedy entrance with aplomb, shocking us all with her arrival. She broke the accepted 'rules' right from the beginning. Cold from her sudden birth she was wrapped up well and then placed under the duvet with me. She remained prone to sudden drops in her temperature, when sleeping she would become so still and cold. She had the whole family checking her often as she slept so soundly. Several times I had to rush to pick her up and warm her. We spent most of her first ten days curled up in bed together, I believe she needed this time to recover, I think we both did.

 Changing times were a nightmare, she hated being undressed. She flinched when items of clothing were put on over her head. No fussy clothes for Lucy, she stayed in sleep suits most of the time, she needed the security.  She needed very gentle handling, more so than any of the others. They were all happy to be passed around like a little parcel. This little one would only oblige for a short while, she knew where her bread was buttered, she wanted her mum. My own mum tells me a wise child knows it's mother, on that basis Lucy is very wise indeed.  Our babies have always been happy to sleep in their pram during a walk. Lucy wanted to be held, she took a dislike to her car seat too.

Slowly she has got used to us, she will lay in her pram for a short while and be entertained by a toy or mobile. She is smiling at strangers and is much happier to be held. I suspect if we hadn't have responded to her needs in the beginning she would still be struggling. She is happy, she is doing well and she lets us know it. I've said from her birth, there is something very special about this little one. My mum says she has been here before, perhaps she has. Either way this is my Ode to Lucy.

This child is different, I knew right from the start.
This little one has her own place deep inside my heart.

Our baby needs a gentle touch, my arms are all she craves.
Do everything slowly lest she flinches at your rush.

Frightened by the slightest noise, your voice you must not raise.
Snuggled up beside my breast is where she spends her days.

The one who kept us waiting ,the gift we all adore.
She knows the world already, she has been here before.


  1. What a beautifully written piece Helen. I can relate to so much of what you say,many of my children are certainly like they were in the womb! I love to watch their personalities develop, although sometimes this is tough when they differ from you, it is still a delight to watch them grow into wonderful adults. enjoy Lucy, she truely is a gift.

    1. Tough when they are so much like you too, I have one who is so much 'her mother's daughter' It is strange clashing with yourself and stranger still knowing that is why we clash. Thank you Fiona, I am treasuring each small moment.