Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dear School..............

I love my children, I truly do, each and every one. I love them all in different ways. I love their quirks and their funny personalities, some of which are only just beginning to emerge. I love that our home is a madhouse full of laughter and fun. I love that when our brood have their friends to play my workload is not increased because I am used to making a mountain of meals and drinks. I love that their friends choose this house to congregate in. In summer our home resembled a half way house most days but that is fine by me.  I love the busy days filled with activity and chaos. I can honestly say I am never bored!

There are days when I am sure everyone has gone bonkers. I heard Steve shouting one day so I went into the kitchen asking him what the matter was, he replied that he was just shouting at the cutlery! No, I still have no idea either but this sort of thing happens here all the time . At the same moment  Elisha was prowling the house declaring that she wished she was mad making us all suspect she actually is........... Then again I have regular nutty days.  We all do.  I think the only way to survive living here is to join in, sink or swim. I think sanity is overrated anyway after all it is only a state of mind.

However I am after all only human. To my lovely mummy friend who recently referred to me as Mary Poppins, I most certainly am not but the mere suggestion made me chuckle.  I try my best to be patient and to understand that with so many people living together in a relatively small space personalities are bound to clash. There are some days when it all comes crashing down.  Some days when it does feel like everyone has got out of the wrong side of the bed. Some days I get them all up and immediately want to put them all back to bed again, the days when you wonder just how long it is until bedtime! Some days the solution is to plonk them all in front of the telly to chill out and calm down or play loud music and all dance madly until good humour is restored.

 I have never made a secret of my opinion that school days are a necessary evil. I did not enjoy school myself but I am very happy that on the whole they are all enjoying going to school. I would have kept them all at home and home schooled however this would not have been what is best for them. They enjoy school, they love the social side of school, the sports, games and activities that I can't offer them in the same way at home.  So off to school they go. They have their own lives a huge part of the day which I am not involved with and have very little control over or input. I am learning to live with this for their benefit. (Yes Dad there is my inner control freak!) I love the holidays when they are all home together and look forward to them with a passion.

As I have said though I am only human, there are occasional days when from the moment they get up nothing appears to be right, nothing I do for them is right and being only human these are the days I am secretly a bit happy to be sending them all to school for someone else to deal with for just a little while. So this was originally my Facebook status on one of those days.

Dear School,

My children all seem to have got out of the wrong side of their beds today, either that or they neglected to tell me they are auditioning as Snow White's dwarfs, but seriously Grumpy, Sleepy and Whatisname' have nothing on this lot!
 Therefore, if you need me I shall be found rocking slowly back and forth in the corner, lovingly cradling the gin bottle and contemplating the perversity of human nature.
 Otherwise please don't send them back before home time and may I offer you 'the very best of British!'
 Fondest regards,

 Their Ever Loving Mother xxx

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