Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kerrie's world

Kerrie will start school in September, Nursery class for half a day. I am not sure quite what the school will make of her, this could be fun.

Kerrie is the centre of her own universe. She was ahead of her game when she was born and she has kept ahead ever since. At her six week check our GP was astounded to see her trying to crawl. She pulled her little legs up under her body and moved forwards up the examination couch. Kerrie had been watching the others, she knew where she was going to go and she was determined to get there.

 I am such a chatterbox that anyone who knows me will know that none of my children were ever going to struggle with speech. Each child has been talked to from the first little blue line appearing. Kerrie has followed my lead. We are treated to a running commentary from the moment she wakes up till the moment she falls asleep. I have been known to have small conversations with her during her sleep. If she has no one to talk to she talks to her toys, her ponies, the birds outside the window, anyone and anything. When visitors come to the door, strangers or friends they are greeted with 'Hello my name is Kerrie'  She has been a fluent talker since she could first speak.

'Morning everyone, what about me?, can I sit at the table?, where is my breakfast?, where is Jamesy?, hello Jamesy. hello Lucy, mummy is Lucy awake? can I have blackcurrant, can I have a straw? I've got Shreddies, mummy can you get me a drink? Chloe do you have breakfast? I'm sitting at the table, I'm having breakfast too, I'm going to get my ponies, my ponies want their breakfast too,  I want to sit at the table now, can you play ponies mummy............and on and on she goes in a great long stream of words punctuated by the mischief she causes all around her. She is obsessed with whatever is happening and by whatever should be happening.   I have no doubt that Kerrie will be telling her teacher exactly what is supposed to happen next in the classroom.

Kerrie's nickname is Houdini, she can escape from anything and everything. She climbs on the windowsills, we stop her, she finds another way. Yesterday she told me she was going to take her plate to the kitchen like a big girl, she has seen the other kids take their plates at the end of the meal. I watched her walk up to the kitchen safety gate, in place to keep her out of the kitchen. She realised she needed both hands so she popped her plate onto the floor then proceeded to proudly open the gate! Security breeched she then took her plate into the kitchen and placed it on the worktop. She then walked back out of the kitchen closing the gate behind her.........................I don't think she sees the gate as being there to keep her out at all, she was simply copying our actions. She did the same with the stair gate the previous morning.

High chair straps don't keep her down for long, she can escape baby reins and pram harnesses, perhaps she is Harry Houdini reincarnated, who knows but one thing is certain, the teachers are going to have some fun with her when she gets to school.

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