Wednesday, 13 June 2012

So much time and so little to do, strike that reverse it!

My apologies to those of you who have told me you have been missing my ramblings. Kerrie has been taking up most of my time lately. She used to go to bed nicely till half term when she learned how to 'escape' from her bedroom so we moved her in with the girls and gave James his own bedroom again. The trouble is now she is staying awake much later and keeping the rest of the house awake too. When she isn't asleep she is enjoying being a one child demolition crew, roll on September when she is due to start school, she is ready and frankly so am I!

She can be a little angel, we sat and made paper flowers together yesterday while Lucy had a nap and she was as good as gold, she loved it and we both really enjoyed crafting together. It is all about attention. If she is getting my complete attention she is fine but the second I turn my back to feed Lucy or make lunch or do anything else she takes it as her cue to cause as much mayhem as possible. She is so intelligent but she is also very mischievous which makes one lethal combination.

The trouble is that with other children to care for she can't have all my attention all the time and at the moment I am getting very little done despite being at home most of the time. There are plenty of things she can help with but the constant patience needed for this is exhausting especially when she is keeping us all awake at night too. She is much better at the weekends because the other children are home and they entertain her, sometimes without actually intending to. Sometimes she entertains them without intending to. There were peals of laughter from them all during breakfast when she asked me for bread, I thought she meant toast and as I started to make it she yelled 'No, don't toaster it mummy!'

My  parents very kindly took her out for a while today so after a hurried cup of tea while I fed and settled Lucy for a nap I was able to take some time to tackle a job which has been bugging me for ages. My wardrobe. I haven't been able to hang my clothes up properly for about the last two years. Everything that has been without a proper home has been chucked into the bottom of the wardrobe until a later date when I could sort it out.  That day finally came today.
 I am amazed at some of the junk I have felt the need to keep. Letters from school, receipts, the Boots Christmas catalogue from two years ago and so on.  After working for one hour solid my wardrobe is now home to my clothes, shoes and a couple of handbags and nothing else! I had managed to fill two bin bags and I discovered loads of reusable carrier bags as a bonus. (For anyone who doesn't live in Wales the days of the free carrier bag are over, we are now charged if we need a bag when shopping.) In such a small house with so many of us living here we cannot afford to waste space so the urge to declutter the rest of it is very strong.

 Meanwhile my to do list is getting longer by the day. In addition to the usual weekly routine I have to alter the elastic on Elisha's ballet shoes, again! Make appointments for the little ones to have their vaccinations, the girls room still needs sorting out, there are stacks of clothes everywhere which need putting away,  Chloe managed to make holes in both legs of her new ballet tights so they need replacing, I need to find things for the kids to take to school for the tombola at the school fair, find change for Elisha to take to the school disco, buy presents for Father's day for Steve and both our Dad's plus two of the kids friends who are both having birthday parties over the weekend,  submit meter readings on line, sort the calendar out because half the school events which need to be on there have not been copied over plus 101 other things which my frazzled brain is desperately trying to keep up with. Elisha brought three letters home from school today alone, it is that time of year, the run up to the summer holidays is always much like the run up to Christmas, frantic and complicated.

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