Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I am always suspicious when it goes quiet...........

Well lets face it with five children of varying ages living in the same house silence is something of a novelty. Our home is always busy, just the way we like it. There is always something going on, lots of activity, most of the time several different things are happening at once so it is a good job we are both well practised in the art of multi-tasking or we would never manage to keep up. When it goes quiet, now that is when I worry! If there is not a sound to be heard and they are not asleep then someone must be up to something and if they are quiet then that usually means they are in mischief.

Tonight while I was busy feeding Lucy, Kerrie went very quiet. I settled Lucy for a nap and went upstairs to get Kerrie ready for bed. She had somehow and we are still unsure about how she managed this, got hold of a tube of black mascara and she was running around giggling wearing nothing but a liberal stripey coating of Boots No7! She had managed to spread it on her arms and legs with some glittery lip gloss layered around her bellybutton for good measure. With her red hair she looked like a sparkly tiger cub. There was nothing for it but to pop her in the bath and hose her down an outcome which of course she was delighted with. Her doll or to be more accurate my doll which she now plays with, had to be bathed and shampooed too. Kerrie kept up her usual running commentary as these events unfolded. 'Can I go in the bath mummy?, I'm climbing in mummy, don't get dolly wet mummy, oh can we wash her hair?, can I wash her hair too? Ha ha my tummy is all soapy' etc etc etc.

The funny thing was that although she knew that she shouldn't be messing around with the make up she was so proud of herself for putting it on. She wants to be just like her sisters. Chloe is nearly twelve. She has just started wearing a bit of makeup, we have agreed limits and I see no reason to not allow her to experiment with cosmetics as all her friends are too.
 Elisha also has a few bits and pieces which she is allowed to wear for school disco's or when they play at giving makeovers. I rarely wear makeup. To be honest I don't really have time but I do have a full makeup bag for equally rare nights out which the girls love to raid.

 Elisha also wants to copy her older sister which is all well and good until we have days like the one recently when she was quietly getting ready for school........or so I thought. You see I told you it is bad when they go quiet. I wish someone had taken a picture of the look on my face when she came down the stairs in her full regalia complete with plastic tiara, it really set off her school uniform a treat! I am still surprised that she didn't add a pair of plastic earrings and a fairy wand to accompany the full face of make up which greeted me just five minutes before she was supposed to depart for school. On that occasion a quick swipe with a flannel had to suffice.  What made her think it would be acceptable to go to school with her face coated in glitter and shimmer powder I do not know. I must have missed that page of the prospectus. However between you and me and only if you promise not to tell her I will admit that she did make me chuckle......Little monkey!

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