Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hair today gone tomorrow!

As if Mother Nature hasn't already had enough opportunities for fun at my expense during six pregnancies with hyperemesis, precipitate labours, sciatic pain, a cracking varicose vein (which thankfully has decided not to stay as a permanent fixture) and a lovely hour long run of agonising contractions after Lucy was born being just a few of her highlights she has decided she has not finished with me yet. Although I was officially discharged from maternity care the better part of twelve weeks ago now I am still experiencing a few of the delights of being postnatal. Oh deep joy!

Now since our hair is constantly replenishing itself it runs in a cycle of growing then falling out to be replaced by new hair we all lose a few hairs when we brush and this is not usually a problem. However during pregnancy this cycle slows down and our hair stops falling out. We are rewarded with thicker more lustrous hair which is all very well and good until about three months after our baby is born then comes the not so fun part as the cycle catches up with itself and all those extra hairs start to fall out, rapidly! Lucy is now four and a half months old  so my hair is falling out in handfuls every time I brush. This has been going on for a few weeks now. Luckily I have plenty of hair so it is not noticeable except to me as I am finding I am leaving bits of my DNA where ever I go. Every time I wash my hair it looks like I have caught a rat in the plughole. This is not great but what is worse is that in place of all the hair I am losing my scalp is desperately trying to fill the gaps so I have wirey and very curly hairs sprouting out of the top of my head.

I was born with jet black curly hair, well according to my mum I was anyway and I suggest like me you take her word for it since I am in no position to argue, I was a newborn how the hell am I supposed to remember? I certainly couldn't see the top of my own head and if I could have I probably wouldn't have been able to focus on it.
 Anyway as babies do I rubbed off a lot of my first hair and in it's place grew blonde wavy hair which is what I had through most of my childhood, it became darker as I grew older. After each pregnancy the hair which has grown back has strangely been much darker, some jet black and very curly just like my very first hair. The lighter finer hair still remains though so as usual my hair can't make up it's mind what it is doing. It  ends up half curly and half straight which is just weird.  I have always said I have chameleon hair, see even my hair is bonkers!

My skin is still going crazy thanks to all the hormones which must be still milling around my body, am trying to remember to plaster on the moisturiser but come on I have five kids prority plastering in this house involves sun cream and elastoplast not Boots No7!

Talking of sunshine I am loving the brightness but sadly not the heat. We had a mad dash to Asda today to buy Lucy some sunhats. OK I admit to being caught unawares but come on we live in Wales packamacs come as standard! We only see the sun once every three years and even then it is only for a long weekend. I think the only time we  have actually got to the bottom of a bottle of suncream before the summer holidays was due to our eldest daughter generously sharing it with her classmates, yes because it is not like I don't have enough children to buy it for is it?.................

I don't worship the sun at all so I have spent the last two days in my usual jeans and trainers, my concession to the unusually high temperatures was to go outside without a coat! I finally decided that this was not just an odd fluke of nature and so I had better dig out my summer clothes, I had spent the last two nights sleeping on top of the duvet too. I usually follow the well known saying 'ne'er cast a clout till May is out' but I think if I stay in my winter clothes any longer I may well melt so out come the milk bottle legs. Sun glasses on my friends for your own protection! You have been warned.

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