Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mother Bear has a sore head........

Ugh! Do you have those days when by the time the alarm screams at you to wake up you feel like you have already done your day already? The sun is shining and I am counting the hours till it goes down. Yes Mummy of five is grumpy today!

 Last night Lucy decided that first she was hungry and cold because she had kicked her covers off so she let me know about it at 3am. I had only been asleep for three hours and had been unusually restless for most of that time so I tucked her back in bed with me and fed her. Since I was boiling I covered myself in a blanket and threw the quilt back out of the way. Lucy as usual had her own blanket. We both went back to sleep. Normally we would both wake up again around 6:30/7am.  Around 5 am she woke again and we had an hour of her fidgeting next to me, after another feed I decided she was just fed up of something. I gave up and popped her back into her crib to see if that  would improve did, she sighed and went straight back to sleep, as it turns out it was me she was fed up of!

 Shattered after such an interupted night I stumbled back into bed and snuggled under my blanket again until a rude awakening just before 7am when Steve left for work. James decided he didn't want his dad to go to work and he decided to wake us all up to tell us, loudly! This in turn woke Kerrie up who immediately proclaimed that she wanted to go and sit at the table for breakfast and Lucy who was not hungry just objecting very loudly to being unceremoniously woken up before she was good and ready.  Having already been woke up a couple of times in the night it is fair to say that I was not at all happy about being jolted from my slumber in such a way. OK my alarm would have actually gone off a few minutes later anyway but that would have been a much gentler awakening compared to the voices of three small people all yelling at once.

  After a night of being too hot now I was too cold. I shivered into my dressing gown and calling to James and Kerrie that I was on my way I stumbled across the room to Lucy's crib. She was quite happy to go straight back to sleep on being handed her favourite toy and a dummy to soothe her.  Lucy, long may the days reign when handing you a toy octopus can cure all that is troubling you!
The effect was instantaneous.   I don't mind admitting I was quite jealous! I was contemplating ringing my Mum to see if she could bring me a dummy and a teddy so I could go back to sleep too. Even my foggy brain was capable of realising that had I done so she would have thought I had actually lost the plot and she would not have been amused at being woken so early either.  So putting all thoughts of more sleep aside I told the kids to get dressed except Kerrie, she had decided to get back in bed where she promptly went back to sleep. I can see my smallest two have brains. I somehow and I am still not sure how, made my way in the direction of the kettle. A very large cup of tea was needed this morning, two cups of tea later I am still not  properly awake. Two slices of toast with proper Welsh butter and half an hours peace to write this while the three eldest have gone to school and the smallest two are fast asleep has still not been enough to wake my brain up. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very long day indeed.

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