Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Why I put the blame firmly at Shaky's Green Door!

I know I know I said we were stopping when we had four children, I told anyone who would listen and anyone who dared to ask that we were done. The truth was that we really had decided to stop.  Four children were plenty, four children were enough. We were so lucky to be blessed with our four beautiful children and that was that we decided. But then I discovered we were expecting Lucy.

 For this wonderful event I blame Shakin Stevens.  Before anyone gets overexcited or thinks I've gone delusional I am not claiming that he is actually responsible for one thing I am happily married, to a bloke who funnily enough is called Steve,  for another I have never actually met Shaky and as my dad pointed out he is old enough to be my dad.
 No, it is Shaky's fault because last February after being a fan for 30 years I finally realised my dream  to see him in concert. Now if you waited for 30 years for something I am sure it would leave you in quite a good mood for sometime afterwards. I couldn't stop smiling after seeing Shaky sing live. I am sure that my month long 'good mood' resulted in the beautiful little bundle of joy who is curled up fast asleep alongside me. That is why I am blaming Shaky!

I have been a fan of Shakin Stevens for virtually my whole life. I owned my first ever single at the tender age of two it was a vinyl copy of Shaky's Its Raining which I am proud to say I still have. The funny thing was whenever I played it as a child it always rained. Since we don't have a record player I can't actually play it any more and I have since replaced my records with Cd's and mp3's but I am keeping all my records because one day I will play them again.

Despite being a fan for so long, despite having his posters on my wall as a teen, despite enduring years of stick for being a fan when it was considered so untrendy I had never actually been to a Shaky concert. This was to be rectified when my Aunt wrote to me enclosing a leaflet detailing up and coming events at a theatre venue not so far away from us. She had spotted a Shakin Stevens concert and knowing that I was a fan she kindly decided to forward it to me. I was on the phone to book the tickets before you could wonder what was behind the green door! In my haste  I forgot to ask Steve if he would come too, I just booked the tickets and hoped he would agree!  I managed to get seats in the centre of the second row right in front of the stage.  Oh how happy I was, I could not stop smiling. The concert was supposed to take place in November but was postponed till February owing to Shaky's health scare.  

  A couple of weeks before my 32nd Birthday I finally went to a Shakin Steven's concert. It felt like I had waited for a very long time. Well I had waited thirty years. I spent the whole night with a huge smile on my face, Steve kept laughing at me because I was smiling so much.   I smiled so much that my cheekbones ached for a week! I smiled so much that Shaky even smiled back at me a couple of times, OK the lights were bright and he might not have been able to see the audience but I am convinced he did smile at me and you will not tell me otherwise.  He probably thought it wise to since I was sat there with an inane grin on my face the entire time he was on stage.  My hands clapped, my feet tapped and in the end we stood up and danced. It was brilliant, a night I will remember all my life.

The best bit was that I was able to hear him sing a fantastic version of 'It's Raining' live and true to form as we left the theatre it was raining. Shaky is amazing, fair play he kept us all entertained and I loved every moment.  I wonder if Lady Gaga will still be performing to packed out venues when she is in her sixties?

So when people congratulate us on our beautiful new arrival and mention as they do that they thought we were stopping at four I tell them it's not our fault just blame Shaky!

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