Monday, 14 May 2012

That Monday morning feeling..........

I've got the blues, I've got those back to school blues! OK I overslept, we all overslept. It was nearly eight 'o'clock when I woke up. Oops, Chloe usually leaves for the bus at that time. Elisha has swimming so she needs to be at school earlier than usual, double oops, and my poor James as explained in an earlier post hates to be turfed out of bed with no ceremony. A triple oops with no bonus points, collect your P45 Mummy You're Fired!

 Monday, the traditional start of the week starting off on the wrong foot does not bode well. With so many little people with so many places to get to and so many things to get ready Monday morning is at the best of times a struggle. It is a challenge to be got through and it needs to go well or it doesn't 'go' at all. Factor in 'Mummy chief little people organiser' getting up late and it is akin to watching a disaster unfold before your very eyes. If this was on reality tv they would be calling it a car crash!

Today has the makings of an epic fail. Even the laptop is refusing to work properly. When I switched it on it decided to add an update before it even got going, never a good sign. It spent an age telling me that it was 'preparing my desktop' so all I could see was a blank screen behind which I could imagine all the icons rushing around like the playing cards from Alice in Wonderland trying to assemble themselves in time for the Queen. Oh hell she is up, we are not ready! Where is my hat? Has anyone seen my coat? How can I have overslept and so on!

When it finally woke up it couldn't locate windows and so I had to shut it all down and start again which thankfully this time it did, properly. Maybe the icons had all had their morning coffee by this time. Trying to get online had it's own problems. Internet explorer did not want to wake up either, having bolted out of bed this morning in a blind panic I know just how he feels! Yes I am sorry for the sexism I do refer to IE as male. I also refer to the laptop as male, fun to play with but at times a little difficult! usual I digress!

 I wouldn't mind but we did as much as possible last night. Steve makes their packed lunches at night while I am putting the little ones to bed. School uniform for three, swimming kit for one, gym kit, a Brownie Uniform and school bags all prepared. Poor Elisha looks like a packhorse going to school most mornings although admittedly she likes to add a whole host of un-needed clutter to her bags, most mornings I have to frisk her for contraband. She is seven so I am pretty sure that they have not changed the timetable so much since I was a pupil that it would require her to take make up, cd's, sunglasses and six dolls along with their various assorted accessories to school.

  As for Chloe her backpack is nearly as big as she is. We met her in town on Friday when she had finished school because she needed new school shoes. (That story would warrant a post all of it's own!) The lovely ladies in the Clarks shop could not believe the weight of her school bag. I retain a permenantly damaged shoulder from trailing the halls of the local high school with a bag of textbooks the eqivalent of a sack of spuds. I suspect sadly she may be going down the same path. The pharmecutical industry could be missing a trick here - not like them is it! They could be handing out discount vouchers for a tin of Ralgex spray with every school bag or Deep Heat lets not be selective here.

Today Chloe also has a cookery lesson and after the previous attempts at food education I use the word cookery very loosely indeed. I told you all about the crumble debacle (If you don't know what I am ranting on about the post entitled 'Crumble Theory' will explain all) then we had fruit salad which was to be fair very nice. We then had scones which for some bizarre reason only beknown to the teacher had to be prepared on the Monday and then left in school till the Thursday to be baked the mix left to sit for four days, I am always baffled! I was also a little concerned as they made them with milk. If time was that short why did they not just send them home to be baked like the crumble?
Then came the leek and potato soup which was to be fair delicious and was actually prepared from scratch. All well and good except I can only assume the teacher is the size of a gnat. I am all for portion control but seriously the dribble of soup which slowly came out of the flask was about three desert spoonsful.
 In case you are wondering no Chloe hadn't had a quick snack on the way home, I know this because she can't stand the stuff. After making and eating it in Junior school she ended up having a quick conversation on the great white telephone to God.

 Today is Bara Brith Muffins. She is making this with a partner so the fruit and brown sugar were seeped in cold tea overnight and I await the arrival of the muffins with excitedly dancing taste buds...................probably a week next Tuesday!

The spell check is now refusing to work and after only having one cup of tea so far my eyelids are still half glued together and my brain is meerly laughing at me when I ask it to co-operate fully, therefore please excuse any errors, they are as usual all my own.

Keep your fingers crossed for me for the rest of the day, I suspect it may well be a long one!

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